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Point Semantics Corporation sells high performance strain metrology systems which are used in conjunction with universal testing machines. The material testing and experimental mechanics laboratory communities use PSC's products to design stronger and higher performance materials and structures. Applications include: 

  • Material testing, characterization, and certification
  • Engineering design validation.


Machine Vision Extensometer

PSC’s MVE-100 High Performance Machine Vision Extensometer achieves breakthrough performance compared to the best contacting and non-contacting extensometers on the market today. Its optical means of detecting movement eliminates the inherent disadvantages of contacting extensometers, increasing accuracy, making setup and operation easier, and lasting longer. PSC’s extensometer is ideally suited for characterizing material properties of elastomers, rubber, soft plastics, and other materials with high strain to failure. It seamlessly integrates with all common universal testing machines that use a ±10v analog input.

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3D Optical Strain and Displacement Measurement System (In Development)

PSC’s flagship product for measuring and visualizing strain fields and movement on the surface of three dimensional objects. PSC’s system provides order of magnitude processing speed and precision improvements compared to digital image correlation (DIC) and is much easier to use. It employs stereoscopic video cameras and a compute node implementing PSC’s proprietary methods to calculate the strain at every point on the surface of the object (everywhere the cameras can see). The graphical user interface displays contour plots of the measured strains: Different colors represent different amounts of strain. The relevant data can be stored for post-processing or integration with data analysis or health monitoring tools.
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